Test Proctoring Services

The library can administer exams from institutions including distance learning centers, colleges and universities, and licensing agencies. Staff members in the Reference Department (Information) will act as proctors and will verify identification and ensure that the time limit for taking the test is adhered to, that no unauthorized sources are used and that the completed test is returned in the manner specified.

There is no fee for proctoring.

Schedule appointments during business hours at least 7 days prior to exam date. A staff member from Reference (Information) will work with you to schedule your exam at a mutually agreed upon time. The amount of time allotted for your exam will be determined by your school or institution. All exams must be finished thirty minutes prior to the library's closing.

Tests are administered on Computer 1 or 2 in the adult computer area. Afternoons and evenings are generally our busiest and noisiest time. If possible, seek an alternative time. Library hours are:

Notify the school or institution of the library's address and any other pertinent information. The test will be sent to the library from the school or institution.

Then, request an appointment by filling out the online form or calling the library at 320-235-3162 (ask for Information).

After the test is taken and papers are signed indicating that the appropriate procedures were used, the test is then sent back for grading.

If you have paperwork that needs to be faxed to the instructor or testing center, there is a small fee. To fax to another location Minnesota, it is $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. To fax to a location outside of MN or to an 800 number, it costs $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. Paperwork can be sent via U.S. Mail if an envelope and postage are provided by the student or institution.


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