Gifts, Donations and Memorials Policy

Revised 8/10/05

The Willmar Public Library encourages individuals, organizations, foundations, and businesses to support library services through gifts and memorials. Gifts of books and other library materials shall be judged by the same criteria used in selecting items for purchase by the Library. The Library encourages monetary gifts not earmarked for specific items in order to permit the most flexible use of the donation for the enrichment of the library program. Materials purchased with donated money will be selected solely by Library staff in accordance with the materials selection policy. All donations, real, material, or financial, become the property of the Willmar Public Library.

Assistance to individuals, organizations, foundations, and businesses considering a gift or establishment of a bequest is available from the Head Librarian and the Director of Pioneerland Library System.

The library reserves the right to refuse gifts of books or magazines that are damp, contaminated with mold or mildew, or otherwise unacceptable in the judgment of the library staff. The library cannot assume responsibility for replacing worn or lost copies of materials donated as gifts, nor for purchasing new or revised editions of titles previously donated as gifts or memorials.

Materials accepted as gifts and not added to the collection will be sold, donated to the Friends of the Willmar Public Library for sale in support of the Library, or discarded. The staff of the Willmar Public Library is not able to appraise or give a monetary value to donated material.

Bookplates, identification plaques, or other appropriate recognition identifying the donor or person being honored may be displayed on items acquired through funds received by bequests or gifts.

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