Willmar Public Library Multi-Purpose Room Policy

Revised 9/29/18

Use of the Multi-Purpose Room by the public is subject to the following regulations:

  1. Use of the Multi-Purpose Room is by reservation only. Reservations must be made either in person or by phone/email during open hours. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come/first-served basis. The Library cannot guarantee a set schedule for groups meeting on a regular basis. The Application for Public Use of Multi-Purpose Room must be filled out prior to using the Room. (Groups regularly using the Room will need to update their application on an annual basis). Library services and sponsored functions will have priority in the use of these facilities.
  2. Groups must check-in with Library staff to access the Room. At the time of check-in, a Library Card or other form of I.D must be left with staff and will be returned after the condition of the Room has been approved.
  3. The Multi-Purpose Room is available during the hours the Library is open to the public, and must be vacated 15 minutes prior to the Library closing time. (Library staff may use the room before and after regular hours.)
  4. Alcoholic beverages, smoking, use of candles, and attaching items to walls, blinds, ceiling, etc. are prohibited. All food and beverage must be confined to the Room.
  5. Groups are responsible for setting up chairs and tables, as staff is not available for this purpose. Reservations for meeting rooms must include time for the group to set up and take down the tables and chairs (e.g., 30 minutes before and after). All items must be returned to their original placements. Furniture and/or equipment from the main area of the Library may not be brought into the Room. The Library does not store materials for groups using the Room.
  6. Facilities must be left clean and in the original condition. The applicant or representative of the group assumes responsibility for any damage done to library facilities or equipment. Users will pay the cost for replacement or repair of any damages to the facilities. The Library will not be responsible for materials or personal equipment left in the building by users. If a group fails to let Library staff know when they are finished, and damage occurs to the Room after the group leaves, the group using the Room last will be held responsible for those damages.
  7. Each group is responsible for its own publicity. Use of the library meeting rooms does not imply Library endorsement. Any announcements, press releases, flyers or other promotions should clearly state the sponsoring group’s name and refer to the Library only as the location of the meeting/event.
  8. Non-library owned equipment may be used in the room. The Library will not provide any technical assistance with personal equipment and is not responsible for damage or loss of personal equipment.
  9. The Head Librarian or his/her designee has final authority on all matters pertaining to meeting room usage.
  10. 24-hour cancellation is required, except for inclement weather situations. Failure to notify library staff on three separate occasions will result in the loss of Room privileges.
  11. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in denial of future use of a Library meeting room, financial liability for damages, and/or immediate removal from the Library.

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