Willmar Public Library Rules

In order to keep the library a pleasant place to visit, all library users are expected to:

  1. Show respect for all patrons, staff, furnishings, and materials.
  2. Keep your voice low and language civil.
  3. Properly check out library materials.
  4. Refrain from boisterous conduct, running, throwing items, or other conduct which could endanger anyone.
  5. Keep entrances, doorways, and stairs, both inside and outside, clear for other people.
  6. Use the furniture and other facilities in an appropriate manner.
  7. Refrain from gathering in groups, as the resulting noise and behaviors easily become disturbing to other library users.
  8. Refrain from using tobacco on library property.
  9. Refrain from bringing beverages or food into the library.
  10. Refrain from using skateboards, scooters or in-line skates on library property.

Persons who choose to violate these policies will be asked to leave the library. Repeat offenders may have their library privileges suspended.

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